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Volunteer Service Sign Up

Volunteer Sign Up Steps: (Please follow 4 simple steps and instructions)

If you're available on 5/19/2024, please consider signing up for the dress ladies on the performance day, which accounts for 4 credits. Please note that volunteer times are subject to change, and volunteer hours may vary. When you sign up and avoid deleting other people's information.

Step 1: Choose a job from the Parents Volunteer Classroom Jobs sheet.
Select one job (2 or 4 credits) from the Parents Volunteer Classroom Jobs sheet. Please locate your class tab (e.g., Ballet 1A Saturday) before selecting a job. (If opting for jobs with 4 credits, proceed directly to step 3).

Step 2: Choose a job from the Parents Volunteer Performance Job Sheet.
Sign up for a second job (2 or 4 credits) from the Parents Volunteer Performance Job Sheet. (You do not need to sign up for two jobs if selecting jobs with 4 credits).

Step 3: Submit your confirmation here.
After signing up for 4 credits (or 6 credits), please submit your confirmation here.

Step 4: Show up on your assigned time.
Reminder emails will be dispatched to you prior to your scheduled time. If you need to modify or cancel your service, please inform us at least 2 weeks in advance.


Detailed information and video instruction for each events will be updated and sent to you here

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