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5/4 Runthrough Rehearsal Schedule & Notes

Please watch the (2 minutes) runthrough rehearsal video to be more prepared. 

5/4 Runthrough Rehearsal
Schedule Download

Hair, Make up, Tights and Shoes
Requirements in PDF

  • Address: Yu Xin Ballet School Studio

  • Requirements: Perfect Ballet Bun, Pigtail Braids for Ballet 1B Monday Class.

  • No makeup, Ballet pink tights and shoes for girls and black socks and ballet shoes for boys. Please come with your class leotard. Mask is optional, please wear mask if you have flu like symptoms.

  • According to the schedule, parents will need to come to the studio couple times, please double check your schedule.

  • If you have more than one performance pieces, please come at an earlier time and pick up at a later time.

  • Parents can drop the kids and leave, only volunteer parents will stay in the studio.

  • Adults will practice opening and bow separately from the youth group.

How to Make a
Perfect Ballet Hair Bun

Please take some time to practice for this month. If you have any difficulties making the bun, please let us know and we can assist you.  

For Volunteer Parents

Please finish watching the video before your volunteer service.  Thank you! 
Please remember to bring a pen with you.

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