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Summer Classes

We are offering monthly commitment flexible options for our summer classes.  You may choose once a week or twice a week option.  For new students you may go to Youth Registration finish Step 1 (Google form) and Step 2 (free trial) to book your free trial class first.  For summer class registration please click the link to register for our summer classes.

Dates Options:

  • Session 1: Mid June- Mid July (6/17-7/15)

  • Session 2: July: (7/5-8/1, no classes from 7/1-7/4)

  • Session 3: August: (8/2-8/29)

Tuition for each session:

60 Minutes Class---$100 (once a week) $195 (twice a week)

90 Minutes Class---$140 (once a week) $275 (twice a week)

  • Session 4: Mid June-July (6/17-8/1)​

Tuition for session 4:

60 Minutes Class---$150 (once a week) $295 (twice a week)

90 Minutes Class---$210 (once a week) $410 (twice a week)​

Make-up Lessons: makeup lessons will be available in July and August.  2 maximum lessons for once a week and 4 maximum classes for twice a week class 


Class schedules:

Our class schedule will remain the same.  Please see our


Class size and make-up lesson:

12 spots for each class, no make-up lesson will be offered


Class Level:

For current students, you can either stay with your level or one level up. For new students,  it will be determined after your free trial lesson.  

Payment Methods:

Spot will be secured upon receiving both registration form and payment.  

PayPal: (please pay as friends and family, otherwise a fee will be charged)


Registration Fee: $50 for new students. Spots will be secured upon receiving the registration form and payment.

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