Adult Program

         We welcome all level of adult dancers from all ages 21+.  We offer both beginner adult ballet lessons and intermediate adult lessons.  We are here to get your ballet journey started and take your ballet dream to the next level.  You are also welcome to choose to participate our annual performance on stage or in the nature.  During covid-19, we are currently offering both in person and online Zoom class to accommodate your time and preference.  Spots are limited, it is time to take action.  Once we receive your registration, we will send you a link to the weekly signup sheet every Friday morning 8:00am.  

Adult Beginner

          If you are an adult with a ballet dream, it is never too late to start. Or if you want to get fit and healthy through the form of ballet dance, we welcome you to our Beginner Ballet class with Yu Xin every Monday and Wednesday.  Yu Xin set goals for his students to improve step by step and to stay healthy and confident enough to join a higher level class without hesitation.   


Adult Intermediate 

        Intermediate level is taught by Yu Xin  The class is focused on more complicated combinations and center movement. It has faster pace than adult beginner classes.  The class will help you to develop your strength and bring your ballet technique to the next level.  Both beginner and intermediate students get option to perform at our annual school performance every year.  



(Instructor: Yuriko Junqua)



(Instructor: Yu Xin)


(Instructor: Yu Xin)


(Instructor: Yu Xin)

Once we receive your registration, we will send you a link to the weekly signup sheet every Friday morning 8:00am.  Currently our in person class is limited to 10 spots and we have Zoom class open as well.  

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What Our Customers Say

Jenny C.

I started dancing with Yu Xin 2 years ago as an adult students.  I had taken many classes with great teachers in NYC who also taught superstars in the ballet world-but the one I got the best results with is Yu Xin! The adults in his class have seen visible improvements in all aspect of our dancing...We are all better dancers and artists now than we used to be.