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Young Ballerinas

Youth Registraion

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Class Policies


2023-2024 Schedule

1.  Please fill out Yu Xin Ballet School Registration and Liability Waiver

2. Book your Free Trial Class


3. Dress Code: Please come with your own dancing outfits or stretchy pants and shirt, ballet shoes, and hair bun.  (Once you are enrolled in our school, we will let you know what to purchase to meet our dress requirements.)

4. Pick up a Plan

  • 2023-2024 School Year (Recommended best rate and most popular): 2023/9/9-2024/6/3

  • or Two payment plans including

  1. Fall and Winter Semester: 2023/9/9-2024/2/12

- Focus on basic ballet training as Mr. Yu always says "Basic training is like your bank deposit for future dance movements. Without basic training, you won't have anything to use for your performance."


2. Spring and Performance Semester: 2024/2/13-2024/6/3

- Focus on basic ballet training and repertoire (performance dance piece)

2024 Performance Plan:


5. Make the Payment:

PayPal: (as friends and family)


Check payable to: "Yu Xin Ballet School"


6. Please contact us if you need a prorated plan

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