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Mother's Day Appreciation Coupon Book

Yu Xin Ballet School Mother's Day Coupon Book
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This month we would like to celebrate the incredible efforts of mothers in our lives with our special coupon book! Designed to honor the dedication of mothers who drive their children to ballet school, style their hair for performances, and volunteer their time to support their passion, our coupon book is a great way and tool for kids to learn to honor parents and show their appreciation.  With coupons for tasks like breakfast in bed, a 10 minutes message, or a handwritten letter/art, say "Yes" to mom day,  it gives our children an opportunity to show their gratitude and appreciation by doing these daily acts of love and to understand that their dance journey won't be possible without these amazing moms behind the scenes.   Get your free Download now and free to share with your families and friends! Happy Mother's Day!

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