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2023-2024 Registration & Schedule

2023-2024 Class Schedule as following

Screenshot 2023-08-21 at 9.57.30 AM.png

Whole Season: 2023/9/9-2024/6/3   Performance Day: 2024/5/19

2023-2024 Fall and Winter Semester: 2023/9/9-2024/2/16

2024 Spring and Performance Semester : 2024/2/16-2024/6/10

Registration Fee: The registration fee is $50.00 for each student each year.  However, for returning student a $50 registration fee can be waived upon receiving $100.00 deposit before the end of the previous  semester. Registration fee is not refundable. A $50.00 reinstate fee is required for re-enrollment.

Holiday Breaks:

Thanksgiving: 2023/11/20-2023/11/25,

Christmas & New Year: 2023/12/25-2024/1/6 

Memorial Week: 2023/5/20-2023/5/27

Performance Day: 2024/5/19

Payment Method: 

PayPal: (please pay as friends and family)


Check: payable to "Yu Xin Ballet School"


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